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Heroines > Adela Noriega

Adela Noriega

In "Amor Real", Adela Noriega interprets the role of Matilde, young woman who falls in love with Adolfo Solis (Mauricio Islas), but her mother doesn't want her daughter to marry Adolfo, and presses her to marry a rich man. Later, she marry Manuel (Fernando Colunga) and time by time, Matilde discovers who is in fact her true love. Except the great success of "Amor Real", Adela's other very successful telenovelas are "El Manantial", "El Privilegio de Amar" and "Quinceañera", also produced by Carla Estrada (her very close friend).


Name: Adela Noriega
Date of Birth: 24 October, 1969
City: Mexico City
Country: Mexico
Siblings: older sister and younger brother
Marital status: single
Height: 5'5"
Occupation: actress


"Amor Real" (2002/2003)  .... Matilde
"El Manantial" (2001)  .... Alfonsina
"El Privilegio de amar" (1998)  .... Cristina
"María Isabel" (1997)  .... María Isabel
"María Bonita" (1995)  .... María
"Guadalupe" (1994)  .... Guadalupe
"Dulce desafío" (1988)  .... Lucero Sandoval
"Yesenia" (1987)  .... Yesenia
"Quinceañera" (1987)  .... Maricruz
"Juana Iris" (1987)  .... Romina
Los Amantes del señor de la noche Movie (USA)

(this biography is from

Adela Noriega was born on 24th of October 1969 in Mexico City, and she grew up with her mother, brother Alejandro and sister Reina (today she is her manager). When she had 15 years she wanted to act, and after she played in telenovela “Juana Iris”, Televisa`s producers recognized her talent and gave her a job in famous show Chacun Chacun. After that Adela appeared in Lucia Mendez`s video “Corazon de fresa” and the whole Latin America loved her. So, she also appeared in Luis Miguel`s video “Palabra de honor”, and there were rumors that they were togather. Then she got the part in new telenovela called “Yasenia”. Soon after that the producer Carla Estrada gave her part in her telenovela “Quinceañera”, and Adela acted with Thalia, who was at that time yet unknown. In 1994 she went to USA and acted the leading part in telenovela “Guadalupe” with famous latin american actor Eduardo Yanez. In 1995, in Columbia with mexican actor Fernando Allende, Adela acted in telenovela “Maria Bonita”. While she was shooting that telenovela, her mother got cancer and soon after that, she died in USA. At that time on front pages of mexican newspappers, the news were that she was having an affair with mexican president Carlos Salinas. Some of them even said that in 1994, secretly she gave birth to his twins. In 1997 Adela returned to Mexico and signed a contract with Televisa, and that meant that in the next six years she had to film four telenovelas. Her first was “Maria Isabel” in which her partner was famous Venezuelan actor Fernando Carrillo, and it was produced by Carla Estrada. Even today, she says that her favorite role was the one of Maria Isabel. At that time she had a relationshp with Fernadno Carrillo, but they broke up when she started shooting “El privilegio de amar” with Rene Strickler, Helena Rojo and Cesar Evora. That telenovela was also produced by Carla Estrada and it was one of the most successful telenovela of the nineties. On Tvynovelas awards, for the leading parts in “Maria Isabel” and “El privilegio de amar”, in 1998 and 1999 she won the awards for best actress. At that time Playboy offered her to pose nude, but she constantly refused it, and went to live in Miami. In 2001 the producer Roberto Hernandez told the newspappers that she will act in his new telenovela “Atreverte a olvidarme” with Jorge Salinas. Adela didn`t signed a contract, becuse she didn`t want to film nude and she was replaced with Adriana Fonseca, but that telenovela had little success and the shooting was stopped, so Adela didn`t lose anything. Once again she trusted her close friend Carla Estrada and accepted to act in “El Manantial” with Mauricio Islas. After the big success that that telenovela had, Adela decided to take a break. Even thought she is the most beautiful mexican actress, by many Tv and newspappers polls, she says that hasn`t found the love of her life yet. She says that one day she would like to get marry and have children of her own, but today her nephew is one of the most importanat persons in her life. She likes to spend her every free moment with him.
In "Yesenia" she was a young rebel gypsy, who would defy anything and anyone to defend her love.
In "Quinceañera" she is Maricruz, a young girl from a modest family. Her mother sends her to study in a very expensive college, hoping that her daughter would marry a rich man. But Mariana falls in love with a young mechanic - Pancho (Ernesto Laguardia).
In "Dulce Desafio" she is a young girl who feels that her parents neglect her. She is rebel and this creates her a lot of trouble in the college. She falls in love with a psychologist - Eduardo Yanez.
In "Guadalupe" she is a star, a young poor girl who discovers that she is the only inheritor of a very important fortune. She falls in love with Alfredo (Eduardo Yanez) the man who wanted to take his revenge on her father for having killed his parents.
In "Maria Bonita" she is a young singer that falls in love with the son of the President of Columbia (Fernando Allende).
In "Maria Isabel" she is a young Indian who has to fight against the prejudices to this race.
In "El privilegio de Amar" she is Cristina. She is a young model who was abandoned by her mother after her birth. When she grows up, she begins to work in the modelling agency directed by her own mother.
In "El Manantial" she is Alfonsina, who falls in love with Alejandro, son of enemy's family. When, her parents died, she has to realize the revenge against the family of Alejandro.

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Photos of Adela: