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Articles > Article 01

Translated interview from the official web site of Fernando

After many years to play secondary roles in unitary programs and comedies, Fernando Colunga managed to catch the attention of the producers and soon to become an undisputed protagonist of the television. After his romance with Thalia, his private life became a mystery.

Journalist: Why it costs as much to speak to you of your personal life?
Fernando: My private life is, as its name indicates it, private. But more about of that, I believe that people prefer to know which is my professional history or what work I am doing at the present time. It seems impossible to me that somebody can be interested in my personal life without knowing previously my career like actor. My fans interest to know more about my private life.

Journalist: But you already have one long list of fans?
Fernando: It is certain, they send letters to me of all the places of the world and I answer them personally. And they are so many those that receipt that until I have thought to open an Internet page. Much people request copies to me of the previous chapters of my novels.

Journalist: And what they write to you?
Fernando: The majority is stirring. Through those letters they do person in charge to me, in certain form, to allow them to dream or to think that there is a different way in the life.

Journalist: After working during eleven years doing soap operas, which are, to your criterion, the keys of the success of this type of programs?
Fernando: By on all the things I believe that the soap opera is an illusion, and there is the key. Otherwise it would be impossible to include/understand why a Mexican novel, in that local customs and traditions are reflected, is successful in as different countries as Bosnia or Indonesia.

Journalist: Then, which is the tie point?
Fernando: What it really unifies is the love and the illusion that the love causes.

Journalist: Which was the soap opera that took you to the fame?
Fernando: Before being known I played many secondary roles in comedies or like double cinema, but when they called me as actor of distribution for "Maria Mercedes", my contract extended of twenty to ninety chapters. Later new and better supplies arrived.

Journalist: And as of that moment it began to arise the gallant?
Fernando: I do not worry to be "the gallant", simply I want to make well my work like actor.

Journalist: Which is the word that better it defines to you as person?
Fernando: The respect, the joy and my positive attitude before the life.

Journalist: If you had to choose a film, a book and a disc, with which you would remain?
Fernando: I like the variety and, therefore, I do not have favorites. I am very ample in my tastes and have a criterion, also, very ample. I believe that that one is the only way to continue always learning.

Journalist: In addition to your work, what other activities you enjoy the same pleasure?
Fernando: The sports. I go to the gymnasium, I continue practicing motocross, squash, swimming and diving.

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