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| Fernando Colunga Fansites | Telenovelas of Fernando | Fan Groups | Latin Telenovelas |

**Fernando Colunga Fansites**

Website dedicated to Fernando, made by Leena. Contains lots of photos of Fernando and his telenovelas.

This website dedicated to Fernando Colunga is made by Elif Öcal from Turkey. Articles, exclusive photos and videos from "Maria la del Barrio", animations and more. Visit now!

Fernando Colunga Lebanese Website made by my friend Andree Zeidan. Visit it now!

Fernando Colunga Malaysian website made by Sham.

Fernando Colunga's 2nd Malaysian website made by Sham.

Fernando Colunga
This is spanish website dedicated to Fernando and made by Jorge. There are lots of articles in spanish but you can't see lots of photos. Anyway visit it :)

Fernando Colunga
Other spanish website dedicated to Fernando. Lots of photos of Fernando and his telenovelas plus you can download some screen savers or to hear the voice of Fernando and to see some videos. Good site, visit it!

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**Telenovelas of Fernando**

My "La Usurpadora" website.

"Nunca Te Olvidare" Macedonian Unofficial Website made by Toshe. Visit now!

Fernando Colunga, Gabriela Spanic & their telenovela "La Usurpadora". This is malaysian website made by Sham.

2nd malaysian website of Fernando Colunga & Gabriela Spanic made by Sham.

Russian site of telenovela "La Usurpadora". Also it has english version. Contains photos, videos, music, screenshots and more. Visit it now!

Maria la del Barrio
This website is totally dedicated to telenovela "Maria la del Barrio". There you can find lots of photos of "Maria la del Barrio", read biographies of main actors, download cool videos and more. Visit now!

Abrazame Muy Fuerte official website
This is spanish website of "Abrazame Muy Fuerte" where you can see some photos, videos and to hear the song.

Esmeralda official website
Spanish website of telenovela "Esmeralda". Contains cool photos, videos, wallpapers, song and more.

Amor Real official website
The new telenovela of Fer got its official website. EsMas doesn't care about good design of the site, but it is really fully of informations, photos (only 1 photo of Fer), wallpapers, music, summaries and much more. I didn't like this site very much but anyway visit it!

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**Fan Groups**

My Fernando's group in Yahoo

One & Only Fernando Colunga Group

The best group of Fernando in Yahoo

Fernando Colunga the best

Fernando Colunga Online

Fernando Colunga Brazilian group

Fernando Colunga Group

Fernando Colunga Fan Club

Fernando Colunga Better Than Ever

Nando Colunga Group

Other clubs

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**Latin Telenovelas**

Latin Soaps Fever. Here you can find lots of informations about your favourite telenovelas. Mini sites for "Nunca te olvidare", "La Usurpadora" and "Esmeralda".

Alma Latina. Very good website with informations of 90% of mexican database.

Latin Assorti. Over 100 galleries of your favourite latin stars.

Telenovelas from Mexico. Informations about all Fernando's telenovelas here.

Favourite latin stars and telenovelas of Sham.

Telenovelas and latin stars.

Telenovelas and Latin Stars 2nd website.

Videos and music from telenovelas
This wonderful site made by Juan Gabriel has LOTS of videos and music from telenovelas. Visit it now and download them!

Latin Greeting
Send greeting to your friend with picture of your favourite latin star. Also you can send Fernando's e-cards.

This site is in spanish. Here are lots of news about the most popular latin stars, mini-pages for them, chats, forums where you can meet many fans of your favourite stars and more!

Telenovelas, movies, series, cartoons and more
This site is in english and russian. Contains lots of photos of lots telenovelas, series, movies, cartoons and more. Also you can find videos and mp3s lyrics and everything.

Top 100 telenovelas sites
This site is list of websites about telenovelas and latin stars. You can find many fansites about popular telenovelas and stars and also you can add your site (if you have). By clicking on the link you can vote for my site. Please vote! Thanks!

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