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Articles > Article 02

After "Esmeralda" - the most beautiful masculine body of Mexico and his words about some project in theatre

"Some women have said things to me that have left me with the opened mouth", laughs Fernando Colunga, irresistible Jose Armando from "Esmeralda" and, according to many, the most beautiful masculine body of Mexico.

How he makes to stay in spectacular form?
Fernando, who practice sport from the 8 years, makes aerobics gymnastics and exercises two hours daily, besides to follow a nutritional very healthy and balanced regime.
"One is not to make diet, but to learn nutrition. I want to make a book of exercises that includes the feeding. And I will focus the women", says jadeite, weights in hand.

Why he wants to exactly direct it to the women?
"Because when I go to the beach I see to the girls and some are really beautiful, but to the 15 and 16 years already most of them have problems of overweight and cellulites. I want that they learn to nourish theirself correctly and to take care of their physicist. For me, the body is more than my instrument like actor; it is a temple. And it is necessary to respect it".
Judging at first, one sees that Colunga feels an enormous respect by his stunning... temple.

But this actor adores time that happens in gymnasium not only through results visible, but because "the exercise taught to me that I can propose something to me to fail only a day, to give the 100 percent and to fulfill it to quality. The physical and mental discipline helps me not only in my race, but also in the personnel, like man. In addition , I laugh with "picardia", like much to sweat!" And in serious he already says: "In the gymnasium relief the stress of one releases work day. To record a soap opera implies to dedicate most to him of your life; often not even I have time to make other things, as to practice some sport religiously". And while it is exercised in the machine of resistance weights, it adds: "Here it is where I stay in form".

At the moment Fernando, who recently finished recording "Esmeralda", performs to play in the comedy named "Pecado... no original", next to Chantal Andere and Nora Salinas, and glides to inaugurate an own, open gymnasium to the public, somewhere of the Federal District. In addition, he supervises his business of sales of pieces of cars and, in his free short whiles, he walks in motorcycle of jump in company of his father.

In the professional plane, the Esmeralda's success has consolidated him like gallant, although Fernando insists on which "I do not consider gallant; I believe that I am turning to me actor, but really. The paper of affluent gallant done entails a performance. The personage also has his psychological motivations; it is necessary to study it and to know how to work it. If one only specializes in gallants can play that role, whereas the actor 'of truth' can make all type of papers, even the one of gallant". Fernando at the moment studies two interesting supplies to do his next stellar one of soap opera.

"They have proposed to me to make Lola the Trailera, on Rose Gloria Chagoyan", counts. "And... another project that I prefer to reserve itself until more the things are defined".

With regard to his loving life, Fernando assures that, at the moment, there is no a special woman in his life. But if as a modern Dr Frankenstein could create to his ideal pair, how he would be? He does not think much to it.

"A woman who combines the stature of Nicole Kidman, the precious face of Sharon Stone and the beautiful body of Demi Moore", smiles. "As you see, I do not request nothing".

The actor-gallant of the moment returns to his weights. Fernando Colunga takes care of his temple... and is a religious experience.

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