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Articles > Article 04

Interview - By love to the risk

If all the nights we see him next to Thalia in the soap opera, it was already hour to have him here, and as a popularity does not occur him to anyone, we decided to begin by the principle, so......

By love to the risk

- How you began your career Fernando?
I was a double of scenes of action in cinema. In fact, I arrived at Televisa as double of Eduardo Yaсez for the end of Sweet challenge .

- And it did not interest to you to be actor?
It had desire, but in my family nobody is dedicated to this. I began to look for and to look for to him, and nothing. A day, a friend invited me to a shooting. I put my spoon and I remained to work. It was a good beginning.

- You liked the risk of being a double?
That type of things always I have liked. In my family there is people dedicated to the motorcycling and motoring. Soon, in the films, they let to me play roles small but it did not feel any advance. I had the opportunity to study thus in the CEA and between completely to which it wanted.

- When you entered, there was something of which it disturbed?
I never thought that the preparation of an actor was so difficult. One studies of Monday to Saturday, and even Sundays. Let leave to all sides because it had to read and to prepare to me. It is much discipline. To those who when they know the schedules, give the return him this; but therefore one works.

- What you thought when you heard speak of drugs and alcohol in the artistic atmosphere?
That has been it always. Before I worked in a disco, serving drinks; for that reason I can say that there is good and bad people in all sides. To me, for example, the motors gets passionate to me, and not because, moto is the cliche of rowdy, the drug addict, or the ratero. When you have your values and you know what you want, you do not run risks; you do not put to darkroom, because you have the opportunity to choose your way. I am very healthy, I do not drink, I do not have any vice and one has never commited that to me.

Behind the opportunity

- You had to resign something to enter artistic means?
Leave to my business of spare parts and that that just had opened it; but still I have thanks to my father. I left an engagement quite pretty, as very it were occupied, commanded to me to rest.

- When the first opportunity arrived?
Touching doors and loading my photos, it is very sad to see that this career is a funnel and many remain in the way by breach of discipline and luck. I converted as the assistant of Alejandro Bracho by a course that takes with. Cecilia Suarez was first that found a job to me. The spiderweb arrived later, Juan Osorio gave an opportunity to me at telenovela "Madres Egoistas", and soon he contracted me for everything of everything, and I remained six months. I had the opportunity of which Mr. Osorio let to me make the characterizations that he wanted and, as he did not matter to me to act of which is, I left wolf, vampire, he becomes bald, and he enchanted to me I learned enough of Alejandro Suarez and to stop bond both they have much talent and they were reported sensational. Later, the opportunity appeared to participate in Maria Mercedes . Peculiarly, everything what I have done in my career has been by casting, still does not arrive the day that says: it walked looking for to you. I remained. I contracted myself by 25 chapters, that finally were 100. There I knew Choforo, Lards beard and Beatriz Sheridan . I am very thankful to them because it requested advice to them and they stopped and me they gave it. Now, according to my experience, treatment to do it with the people who begin.

- Why to request advice?
Because me much work has cost, you do not have idea of whatever, for that reason it valued the things and if I see my somebody successful one around, I ask to him what to do.

- Before being gallant you demonstrated to be actor?
Until now it labels to me like the gallant; although if something a retrospective one of my works, I have not been based on the physicist. What good for having a physicist who pleases to people, that never is a hindrance; but the personages I have done them according to which they request to me. If I had felt gallant, had rejected a pile of opportunities, beginning by Maria Mercedes, because I am against that mentality; I accepted it because it had freshness, because we lived in a country where a person as Chicho is real is the urban thing.

While we followed in char it, Sasha was in the same photographic study. Fernando and she greeted themselves. The comment: also I made doblajes to reach a star 2 in one moto that was skidded.

- To little you doubled to Sasha?
To Sasha not but to Sergio Sendel and Florence Ferret .

- It put wigs and dresses to you?
Then if in fact, in the films of it had doubled to a woman... not I like to say to whom because she is not worth; if in its films average credit in special effects, so that to walk with that of I did it.

- She is Pink Gloria Chagoyan?
It gave many opportunities me, and she opened the door to me that did not find. By gratefulness, I do not like to walk saying that the double.

- That soap opera marked the greatest time?
I knew Carla Estrada and she gave the opportunity me at Alondra , that was one of the most important steps. Peculiarly, also that personage I consider with less chapters and I ended up making all the novel. Rene Muñoz wrote wonderful scenes to me. They alternated the recordings with trips to Tijuana to make seat sesamo. Later, Carla requested to me that a personage in Alondra is small and gave me another one in Marimar.

- You thought that the popularity would arrive from a soap opera?
No. If it had that mentality, it would have gone to me to seat for a long time to my house. I prefer to touch doors, because that does not cost anything to me, and I will not let it do because it has worked to me very well. For the paper of Luis Fernando I tested twenty-six. I remained and I am happy.

- You think to make another thing aside from the soap opera?
I had one supplies best of theater, platique with the producer, but as the soap opera absorbs my time, I could not. Also I am within the group young conscience, we visited discapacitados children and asylums. If we can contribute something, with taste we do it.

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