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Articles > Article 06

Fernando is talking about his role in "La Usurpadora" and what he thinks about Arturo Peniche and other characters from "La Usurpadora"

To seven weeks of which "La Usurpadora" finishes to the successful soap opera, the protagonist Fernando Colunga broke silence and speaks to us of his personage, Paulina and Paola and denied some friction with Arturo Peniche.

"I do not know if I have improved or gotten worse from the beginning of the novel; I am not who to say it, but I have been soaked but of the personage, I have listened to the commentaries of my director of scene, they give tips me and I have become of more resources. I have given to many reactions to Carlos Daniel, his glances are very specific, according to the situation. Also the fact to maintain the arm in the lapel of the coat, clearing to me and putting me the ring of fast way and to caress the pen is tics that I give the personage when it has an insecurity or when it cannot control the situation and it is pleasant much to me that people realize these aspect".

Fernando Colunga says that at the moment a little has forgotten the lights and to worry about the cameras to nourish plus the personage.

"If before it gave a 20 percent, now I want to give 120, because I must to people and they deserve it".

- The public has criticized much the attitude of Carlos Daniel, but what thinks the own Fernando of his personage?
"I found very different things at Carlos Daniel than mine; I try to be more thinking and respectful with people and that same one I demand; for that reason it would not allow that they attempted against the woman who master; also I think that all we have lack of character, but not so repeated times as Carlos Daniel. It is like a vane, but not by idiot, he is a personage who this one fault in love.... he is very good person, but he let influence by the others. I WOULD NOT LIKE TO RUN INTO TO ME WITH A PAOLA IN MY LIFE. Carlos Daniel has run into with two exactly equal women; his head this confused, his heart also and mainly this" - thinks Fernando: "Paola and Paulina are two very complex personages, but I would not like to run into to me with a Paola, a woman whom she has to share more with 20 men... no! However Paulina is a woman who sacrifices herself by people who are not their family, but she wants them and she is that when somebody has good it vibrates is sacrificed, wants to have friends. Everybody thinks that she is an idiot, because most of the people think that to be good people it is to be stupid and Paulina is not like that".

"La Usurpadora" has very high rating

Not very often in the history of the TV so high ratings have been seen and "La Usurpadora" has 38,4 points at national level; it is a total success.

"I feel happy, because the last three soap operas that I done had levels of very high hearing and I am thanks with people, because they are those that have the last word. The success of this soap opera must to that we have an excellent producer, a wonderful writer, as he is it Carlos Romero and a forum where all give their better effort; also to staring where they appear stars of the time of gold of the cinema doing great and small papers and that it is a divine grace; all these factors are combined and they give force him to history. In addition, we were to the hour and at the moment suitable; perhaps a month or a month later it had before not happened the same" - thinks Fernando.

ARTURO PENICHE IS A PERSON WHO ESTEEM. It is impressive to catch the television set and to see in scene Arturo Peniche and Fernando Colunga sharing dialogues, two protagonists of much success.
"It passed a very schistose thing to me with Arturo when we made the first scene together in "La Usurpadora". In order to begin he is a person who apecio; it, at some platicamos moment went to my business and, and when he began the count I felt like of return in Maria Mercedes; when I saw Arturo and she thought: ' this man is the one that takes all the weight of the novel; he causes that cast walks. This encounter me made very happy; I see Peniche very well and that first scene was a very peculiar sensation; now we shared a same space by a same objective. I feel an advance in me and he is a man of a single piece, that continues supporting the companions" - finishes Fernando.

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