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Articles > Article 11

Fernando comments his role in Amor Real

Fernando Colunga interprets Manuel in Amor Real

He was far from the screens, but Fernando is happy for returning to the soap operas with his family, because that is what actors and technicians of Televisa are for him, a family with whom it takes very well.
"I have 15 years of actor and here I spent great moments in these forums with all this wonderful people. They are like a family for me" comments with an ample smile.

The Real Love of Fernando Colunga

Like in all family, this soap opera has its practical joker - Fernando, who likes to put atmosphere in his work.

- You have joker fame...
"I?... no, I am not, ha, ha, ha. I like to take the things with humor, we are a family and here I have spent many years, for that reason I like to play with them, always with respect; thus an pleasant atmosphere is created during the recordings."

With which Fernando does not joke is with his work, which takes very in serious. Thus, in Amor Real , he will not only be the gallant of history, but one of the most difficult personages of his carrer.

"I interpret Manuel , the protagonist of history and although I know the behavior a time soap opera, I believe that in the difficult thing it is the pleasant thing that it is seen in screen. It is a challenge," continues, "because one leaves the normal context of the protagonist. It is not good because it has neither good nor bad. It is a strange but interesting mixture, like the same life"

And although he did not work by 20 months, Fernando has stayed effective, thanks to its public.
"I stay thanks to God, ha, ha. Sure the public who accepts my work is most important, and also the humorous works like theater and programs."

- And the press?
"Sure thanks to them also. I take or with the press, when they come to me I respond, I never say to them no, I deny interviews to those who invent to me, or they ask privacies to me. Thus nothing else. I believe that the respect is of roundtrip, and if we cannot be respected, better every one goes away to its house."

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