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Articles > Article 12

Fernando: I always take care when I choose my works

The Mexican gallant assures that, in the soap operas, many aspects of the daily life are reflected and that he badly does not want to be an example to follow. After being a year and average section of the world of the television, the remembered protagonist of La Usurpadora returns to the soap operas with Amor Real, a novel of time based on a classic one of two decades 'Bodas de Odio', and made under the production of Carla Estrada. With the cordiality that characterizes to him, the attractive Mexican gallant has made a hollow in his tight agency and he has spoken to us of this soap opera and the balance that does of his professional life.

- Fernando, present us your personage...
It's called Manuel and is a very rich paper. Next to Maria Saratini, that is the person who is helping me to form to him, I am being able to make a great interpretation. Manuel is a man with very many shades, who commits errors by his impulsividad and that has undergone much in his childhood. Nevertheless, overnight, his life will change of course.

- What you felt when Carla proposed you to participate in the novel?
I did not participate in a soap opera since I recorded Abrazame muy Fuerte, that it was a great success in Mexico, and I was waiting for a project that filled to me. When Carla spoke to me about Amor Real, she excited the idea to me and I took off that I had to think what was going to me to offer now to the public. I wished to give back to people, with my effort and overcoming, all the affection that it had given me.

- You continue making theater?
No, only I am going away to center in this production. I will continue with the work "Trampa de Muerte" when the recordings finish.

- What makes you feel the theater?
 The results of a theater performance are immediate, because you receive the emotions of the public and generate its emotions at the moment. The television, nevertheless, much more is slowed down.

- We didn't have the pleasure to see you on the screens, why?
Until the moment, the scripts that have offered to me for cinema are very poor and they were not worth the trouble. Nevertheless, I die of desire to take part in the great screen. I do not discard to make films, I wait for a project that reunites qualities and am only good.

- Do you have thought to come to Spain to promote Amor Real?
The day that is spoken of promotion, one from the countries to which I want to give priority is to Spain, because it is a country that has supported to me very in my professional race. I have received a great attention of the public and want to take care of them as well as they given to me.

- You made 15 soap operas for Televisa and all were great success. Do you think that you made more than other artists?
No, I have worked with great artists and in very important soap operas like many of those artists, but, by chance, it was called on to me to live an international projection very hard, at a time at Televisa which it happened to sell, of twenty, to one hundred countries. For that reason, much people say that I have an image at international level. I believe that she does not depend as much on me, but of the circumstances that have occurred at every moment.

- The time made you an actor who pleases all the public...
Yes, that is something reason why always I have fought, because I come from a united family and I like that the rest enjoys the same union. I have always worked for all the public and thus I maintain my race.

- You are a person who worry much about your public...
In this race you travel in the edge of a knife and, if you do not have respect to the public, or you do not give back the affection to what they offer to you, your race begins to weaken.

- Do you think that the personages of the soap operas reflect the real life faithfully?
Many of the situations that occur can be similar the real life. Nevertheless, with it I do not mean that all the soap opera is going to be the life of somebody, but at certain moments people see themselves very reflected in which happens in novels.

- Resides in this the success?
Yes, there is people who use the soap operas to amuse themselves but, for others, are an example to go forward. For that reason, I always take care when I choose my work. I don't want to give bad example, I always try to give good example.

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