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Articles > Article 15

Fernando Colunga: Rumors say he never had a Real Love

By: TvYNovelas magazine
Source: forum

 - The gallant actor never speaks of his private and loving life
- He had only two brief loves: Thalia and Sabine Moussier
- There are rumors that he walks with Adela Noriega but both deny it

Before the television cameras, he is 'heartbreaker" number one of Mexico. But his loving and deprived life is really a mystery because the same Fernando Colunga doesn't say a half word about his sentimental life. In the past he had only two fleeting loves, but outside that, we don't know more his loves and even adventures. Why is so hermetic Fernando Colunga with his loving life? That could respond only he. The certain thing is that to his thirty and some years, the bad languages assure that "Principe Azul de las novelas" never had a REAL LOVE.

In the telenovelas's screen he is one of the gallants most attractive and wished by the women, in the real life also. In the years, the only thing we knew about sentimental life of Fernando Colunga is that he had only two loves. First with Thalia, that rumors say that he was advertising and only lasted a pair of months; and the second with Sabine Moussier, that really only remained in the attempt of romance because the same star of the cat eyes assured at that time that her loving relation with Fernando Colunga never took shape.


If we did not know it and we knew that he is a healthy boy, honest and it is transparent, we could speculate on thousand things of him, since as no other figure of Mexican artistic means protects its life deprived under thousand padlocks as if it hid something: 'I don't speak about my private life', that is the forceful answer and sometimes aggressive, that the actor says to those journalists who like to know a little about his personal life. Nevertheless, his silence and its overcast sky have been fertile field so that the dealers of the rumor assure that Fernando Colunga walks with one and another one, and sometimes they say he has scandalous and prohibited loves. But the gallant of "Amor Real" didn't fall in the trap of the average news and more than to put himself to respond to which they want to know on his deprived life, simple and simply he demonstrates before the cameras that is a serious actor, professional and disciplined, that does not live his private life but on his capacity like actor.


So hermetic with the private life as he, is Adela Noriega his partner from the telenovela "Amor Real". Nevertheless, when questioning on the existence of a romance with the Noriega, his answer was forceful: "No, no exists", and he assured that between Adela and he exists a great affection, a great friendship and a great identification, but of romance absolutely nothing. Fernando Colunga is one of the most wished man in Mexico, but peculiarly he prefers to stay single.

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