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Telenovelas > Alondra

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The wonderful story of a young woman who will fight for her ideals against a society full of prejudice, a tyrannical aunt who has become her guardian and a weak father who forever runs away. Alondra will try to find her way far from this family and she will discover passion in the arms of Bruno, who will not be willing to give up his wife and children. Alondra will continue on her way and will try in vain to find love with Carlos, who loves her madly. But real passion awaits and it will be for Alondra a constant challenge on the road to happiness...
The story about Maria Elisa and Raul began when they met in the church. Ma. Elisa fall in love with Raul, but her mother (Alondra's aunt) doesn't allow this love relation. One error appear, when Maria Elisa discovered that Raul didn't love her, he only wanted to make love with her. But, this is not true. Maria Elisa is pregnant and with Alondra, her cousin went to Mexico City and there they worked in flowers shop. Maria Elisa born one beautiful girl. In Mexico City she met Raul again but she thinks that soon he will marry other woman. Raul thinks that Maria Elisa is married and he don't know that Maria Elisa's girl is his. Soon, when Librada told Raul that Maria Elisa's girl is his he will marry Maria Elisa and they will be happy forever and will have other child.


Ana Colchero - Alondra Diaz
Ernesto Laguardia - Carlos
Gonzalo Vega - Bruno Leblanc
Marga López - Leticia Del Bosque
Jorge Martínez de Hoyos - Alfredito
Mónika Sánchez - Enriqueta
Beatriz Sheridan - Loreto Diaz viuda Escobar
Héctor Gómez
Beatriz Aguirre - Rosita
Amparo Arozamena - Maty
Juan Manuel Bernal - Rigoberto Escobar
Olivia Bucio - Carmelina Diaz
Fernando Colunga - Raúl Guttierez
Emoé de la Parra - Cristina Leblanc
Gustavo Ganem - Ramiro
Silvia Mariscal - Mercedes
Joel Núñez - Germán
Verónica Merchant - María Elisa Escobar
Blanca Torres - Barbarita

Diana Bracho - Alondra (voice)
Queta Carrasco - Rosario
Dina de Marco - Trini
Ernesto Godoy - Roberto
Queta Lavat - Concepción
Justo Martínez - Jorge
Aurora Molina - Rita
Guillermo Murray - Lic. Pelegrín
Bertin Osborne - Kloszt
Angelina Peláez - Librada
Tina Romero - Cecilia
Eric del Castillo - Baldomero Diaz
Mauricio Achar - Javier Leblanc
Anahí - Margarita Leblanc
Omar Gutiérrez - Jesús
Yuliana Peniche - Alondra (12 years)
Bertha Moss
Jacqueline Andere

Marina Marn

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