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Telenovelas > Bésame en la Boca - Movie

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Claudia (Paulina Rubio) is a very selfish rich girl who is a singer in a club. This club is owned by Arturo (FERNANDO) who is her boyfriend! Claudia sings in this club. Arturo is a very bad guy... He takes money from the step mother of Claudia to kill her! So He breaks her motocycle and Claudia dies... In Heaven the angels find that the death of Claudia was a mistake and they decide to bring her back in the earth... the only body that they find is the body of Monica, who just died, a poor girl who works like a servant in the club of Arturo! Claudia comes to earth in the body of Monica and she has to deal with Arturo...


Paulina Rubio - Claudia
Fernando Colunga - Arturo
Charly Masso

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