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Telenovelas > Navidad Sin Fin

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"Televisa" has prepared the wonderful Christmas story filled with big love and a lot of adventures. "Navidad sin fin" is the story consisting of three histories, tied among themselves. The action begins in cold and dark night when Pedro, the driver of the lorry, surprises his mother, Doña Reina, having arrived to home together with the little lost girl and her brother - Pedro has picked up them on the highway. The girl said, that her name was Angelita and her brother's name is Rodito. She asked Pedro to help to find their relatives. Angelita told, that her daddy was very important person and he would thank Pedro for kindness to his children. But nobody knew, whence these children have appeared, whose innocent eyes have subdued hearts of many people... At first, Donña Reina has allowed Angelita and Rodito to stay at her home. Then, Veronica and Manuel has stretched to them a hand of the help while malicious Julieta, severe seсor Darro and spoiled Jose Luis, on the contrary, rejected them... It is a story about good and harm, with a lot of heroes. We get acquainted with Don Alberto - the rich and greedy person, who searches for two children to find authority and to receive the even greater riches; with Doña Matilde - the kind woman, whose deep melancholy kills desire to live; with Father Miguel - the priest who always wishes to make good for all; with Alejandra - the poor woman, who assiduously works to support her ill son; with driver Pancho, full of optimism and love. Angelita and Rodo have come in life of each of them to bring in their souls such qualities, as mercy and love. And it is the best gift in Christmas Eve...


Julio Monterde - Agustin
Sergio Sanchez - Alberto
Nora Salinas - Alejandra
Nancy Patico - Angelita
Alejandra Barros - Angelita
Macaria - Angelita
Luz Maria Aguilar - Blanca
Roberto Ballesteros - Casimiro
Marlene Favela - Cuquis
Manuel "Flaco" Ibañez - Darro
Silvia Mariscal - Doña Isabel
Adalberto Parra - "El Tripas"
Polo Ortin - Jasinto
Eduardo Rivera - Jose Luis
Rosa Maria Bianchi - Josefina
Alejandra Procuna - Julieta

Blanca Sanchez - Matilde
Carmelita Gonzalez - Natividad
Jorge Muñoz - Pancho
Fernando Ccolunga - Pedro
Ana Bertha Lepe - Reina
Andres Garza - Rodito
Jan - Rodito
Ignacio Lopez Tarso - Rodito
Gerardo Murgia - Sebastian
Juan Pelaez - Solis
Ana Martín - Teofila
Isaura Espinoza - Teresa
Roberto Navarro - Tino
Yadhira Carrillo - Toñita
Moises Manzano - Vicente
Elizabeth Alvarez - Yolanda

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