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Multimedia > Videos > La Usurpadora Videos

To save the videos on your computer click on the icon with right button on your mouse and then "Save Target As". Only in this way the videos will be saved.

Problem that can appear: Because my server has limited bandwith sometimes it is not possible to download the videos. Just wait one or two hours and come back here to download the videos again. If again you can't download them please e-mail me and tell me what 'error' message you got. Thanks!!

Link: Title: Size: Duration:
Download video Introduction (best quality) 1.45 MB 1.35 min.
Download video Carlos Daniel remembers his kiss with Paulina and tells Rodrigo that he loves her very much. In Russian 394 KB 0.22 min.
Download video Paulina enters to Carlos Daniel’s room and wakes him up. She says that if he won’t go to Bracho’s Factory with her she will leave him and go far away from Mexico 490 KB 0.48 min.
Download video Carlos Daniel thinks that Paulina is Paola and he wants to make love with her but she runs away 893 KB 1.30 min.
Download video Paulina and Carlos Daniel are at Bracho’s Factory. She says that she wants he to be happy. Then they kissed 766 KB 1.17 min.
Download video Carlos Daniel is furious because Paola returned home, and he decided to kill her and be happy with Paulina, but Rodrigo stops him 1.34 MB 2.16 min.
Download video Paola’s funeral in Bracho’s house. Carlos Daniel is jealous because Edmundo consoles Paulina and he comes to them 1.31 MB 2.14 min.
Download video Carlos Daniel and Carlitos come to Paulina in the hotel, and the boy asks why they don't kiss each other? Finally they kiss and Carlitos is happy 1.75 MB 3.00 min.
Download video Carlos Daniel visits Paulina in jail and ask her for Paola’s diary. He also tells Paulina that he’ll be glad to divorce Paola but Paulina says that until Paola is alive she must be his wife 2.32 MB 4.00 min.
Download video "La Usurpadora" final moments. The wedding of Paulina and Carlos Daniel 1.40 MB 1.50 min.

Multimedia > Videos