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Telenovelas > Nunca Te Olvidaré

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Don Antonio Uribe, who lives on a ranch near the city of Guanajuato, before his death asked Isabela Clara to look after her daughter, Esperanza. Consuelo, Don Antonio's wife, is resentful of Esperanza's presence and badly mistreats her. Luis Gustavo on the other hand, Consuelo's and Don Antonio's son, is immediately attracted to Esperanza. This is intolerable to Consuelo. She decides to separate them by sending Luis Gustavo away to study abroad and by placing Esperanza in a nun-run school. Ten years pass. Esperanza, a beautiful young woman now, returns to Don Antonio's ranch to take care of him because he's ill. Before dying, Don Antonio entrusts Fermin Requena, his neighbor and trust-worthy friend, with a letter for Luis Gustavo. In it, he gives his son his blessing in case he decides to marry Esperanza. When Luis Gustavo arrives home for the funeral and sees Esperanza, he falls deeply in love with her. But the beautiful Esperanza has likewise caught the attention of Fermin. Determined to possess her, he hides the letter and with Consuelo's help devises a plan to separate Luis Gustavo and Esperanza forever. Consuelo "confesses" to her son that Esperanza is his father's illegitimate daughter and his half-sister. A love story for all time that takes place in Guanajuato. Two hearts torn in half because of an infamous lie but still united forever by the force of love. An unforgettable love that neither time not distance can erase...


Edith González - Esperanza
Fernando Colunga - Luis Gustavo
Alma Muriel - Consuelo
Eugenia Cauduro - Silvia
Delia Casanova - Doña Carmen
Humberto Elizondo - Fermín
Letícia Perdigón - Gudelia
Zully Keith - Irene
Marisol Santacruz - Leticia
Sergio Catalán
- Juan
Juan Carlos Bonet - Eduardo Moraima
Pablo Montero
- Alvaro
Niurka Marcos - Alcatraz
Josefina Echánove
Octavio Galindo
Amparo Garrido
Jaime Lozano - Higinio
Johnny Laboriel

Tony Flores
Carlos Rotzinger
Toño Infante
- Braulio
Edgar Ponce - Adrián
Liliana Arriaga - La Chuspitos
Bárbara Ferré
Roberto Miquel - Robert
Gustavo Negrete
Julián Pastor - Antonio
Alejandra Procuna - Mara
Miguel de León - Leonel
Evita Munoz "Chachita" - Benita
Don Luis Gimeno
Silvia Caos - Serafina
Beatriz Aguirre - Alfonsa
Wendy Gonzalez
- young Esperanza
Daniel Habif
- young Luis Gustavo

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